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Introducing Paterson's Oats

Paterson's Oatcakes

We have been perfecting the oatcake since 1895, when John Paterson first began selling his wife’s home baked creations from his horse drawn van.

Times may have changed, but we still bake our oatcakes slowly and traditionally using an 84% oat recipe.

In 2002, we switched from using palm oil to a more orangutan friendly and sustainable olive oil. Now, we've gone one step further and moved to sustainable high oleic sunflower oil to make an even healthier, lower saturated fat product without compromising on taste.

Both our Cracked Black Pepper and Rough Oatcake varieties are low in sugar, high in fibre, wheat and palm oil free. Good for you and good for the orangutans!

Paterson's Oatbites

Based on the popularity of our Paterson's Oatcakes, our Cheese & Chive or Cheese & Mild Chilli Oatbites are the perfect oaty nibble to satisy your snacking needs. An alternative to crisps or sprinkled over soup, our Paterson's Oatbites are a satisfying, palm oil free delight!

Paterson's Oat Bars 

Brand new for 2019, Paterson's Fruity & Filing Oat Bars are available in two delicious flavours: Raspberry & Apple, and Blueberry & Cranberry. A real product first for Paterson's, our Oat Bars are the ideal snack between meals and the perfect fuel for your workout!

Our Paterson's Oat Bars are palm oil free, high in fibre, made with real fruit pieces and vegan friendly too!