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Introducing Brontë

Every delicious Brontë biscuit is made with love and care and specially wrapped for you to enjoy whether in your hotel, at a meeting, or on the move.  Our biscuits are a popular and trusted part of the service in countless hotels, bed & breakfasts, airlines, trains, and conference venues. 

If you arrive at your hotel room and see Brontë biscuits next to your tea and coffee then rest assured, you are being looked after. Brontë is a sure sign of quality and care.

Only rarely will you find Brontë in retail outlets as it's made specially for the catering and hospitality industry. We hope we add a little extra joy to your journey or stay.

Traditional and Delicious. Bigger and Delicious. Indulgent and Delicious, Dainty and Delicious. Always Delicious.